Glorietta Bay Inn - Orchid or Onion

Glorietta Bay Inn has been nominated for the annual San Diego Architects: Orchids and Onions Award. Earlier in the year, we participated in the OH! San Diego: Open House architectural tours and, with Coronado being a new participating location, the Spreckels Mansion was a hit! Nominations are open until June 30th, please follow the link to vote for us to become a prestigious “Orchid” member. What is an “Orchid” or an “Onion”? An “Onion” would generally refer to an eyesore in the community; something that doesn’t quite fit in. An “Orchid” exemplifies the ideal image of its surrounding neighborhood. It hold historical significance as well as social status. Do you think we're a shoe-in? 

Please nominate and vote for us!


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