Loving it Local Weekends!

We love our local small businesses here on Coronado, especially since we are one of them! We are hosting various local businesses here on property during the weekends this summer. Our first “Local Love Weekend” presents a Gelato Paradiso pop-up stand in our Rose Garden on Saturday, July 18th. Guests and other visitors will be able to purchase delicious, hand-crafted local gelato from one of Coronado’s favorite treat vendors from 2:30-5:00 p.m. Afterwards, relax by the pool and enjoy another delightful evening on Coronado!

Don’t forget to bring your mask! Coronado and San Diego require masks when in a public area.

Are you a local Coronado business and want to be featured? Give us a call for scheduling!

619-435-3101, or email info@gloriettabayinn.com


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