We have entered the winter holiday season. The Celebration of Hanukkah began on Sunday November 28th.  Throughout the years we have had the opportunity to develop a relationship with the Chabad of Coronado and host many of their guests. During Shabbos or during any day that requires that the guest not use anything electric our staff happily assists guests by turning on or off lights, opening the room doors that require an electric key or even serving coffee or hot water. 

We are here to assist in any matter to make your stay worry free. Christmas looks a little different in Coronado. Instead of white snow we have the white from the waves breaking. No ice skating on a lake on the island, but at the Hotel Del we have an ice rink set up on the beach.

Finishing up the winter holidays we have Kwanza the 7-day celebration begins on December 26th.

No matter what holiday or moment you are celebrating there is no better place to be to celebrate than Coronado Island and the best place to stay is The Glorietta Bay Inn. Looking for the perfect gift we have gift cards.




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