Different Things to do in Coronado

Happy 2022! 

We want to help you plan your stay by sharing our favorite things to do on Coronado. Coronado is more than sun and beaches although we have you covered there too. The Island has great activities for all interests 

One of the newest activities and one of my favorites is Coronado Axe Throwing. The instructors are amazing. They teach you how to throw the axe, offer hints and encouragement as you famerlize yourself with the different types of axes. Just like bowling you get your own lane. They have a seating area a safe distance away to observe and your lane is surrounded with chain link fencing providing you protection from other axe throwers. They do not serve food or beverages but do allow you to bring your own. This is a great activity to do with a group of friends. 

If Axe throwing is not your thing, how about Lawn Bowling. Yes, Coronado has a lawn bowling club. Lawn Bowling is  a game played with heavy balls, the object of which is to propel one's ball so that it comes to rest as close as possible to a previously bowled small ball. Its very similar to Bocce. Have some fun and learn a new game.

A stay at Glorietta Bay Inn gets you near these Activities to make your Coronado visit special!



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