Do you Geocache??? Geocaching is a worldwide treasure hunt. It’s a great outdoor activity that is a fun way to explore a city. Go to Geocaching. Com download the app and explore. Coronado Island has several caches hidden on the island. Many are just a short walk From Glorietta Bay inn.

 Taking a break from finding treasures to enjoy lunch at Parakeet Café. The Chilaquiles are delicious and they have a little bit of a kick. I recommend pairing that with the Turmeric Latte. The café gives you the option of eating outside with sidewalk seating or inside.

To continue your day on the treasure hunt you can rent a bike from the many bike rentals on the island, take a zig zagging route to the ferry landing then come back to the hotel via the bike path and find more caches. If it's Tuesday at 2:30 you can shop at our farmers market before heading back.

Map of active geocaches near us

When you return to Glorietta Bay inn soak those muscles in our hot tub and warm pool. Order in and relax. Need plates, silverware or cups? We have some for you. Visit the market by the lobby for drinks.

 As a geocacher this is how I explore new areas and new cities I visit. Gets me out and active. They take me to local spots and some are multi-part adventures with puzzles you have to solve and a history lesson.

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