One of the places you must visit when you're coming to San Diego is the San Diego Zoo. Did you know that the experience is different depending on when you visit? I am not talking about the shows being seasonally themed or events like the Fall “Nighttime Zoo”. I am talking about animals. During the slower time during the week zookeepers use this time to maintain habitats and check the animals. If you can catch the animals returning to the habitat you will see that treats are left from them. The cats get meat that is hidden so they can “Hunt”. During the week in Spring there is only one animal show, but all the exhibits are open.


Speaking of Exhibits a new area has been added and it opens March 11, 2022. They call it Basecamp. It is the new children’s area of the zoo. They have areas for kids to climb and run. Go inside a beehive. Also, water areas to cool down. My favorite part is the human dryer to help the kiddos when they get a little too wet. Animal ambassadors are there too. This is filled with many interactive learning stations. It looked so inviting and fun before opening. I can’t wait to go back on opening day with the kids.

I enjoy the added experience food adds and the Zoo provides a variety of places to eat. Something that is unique with the San Diego Zoo is every area offers food inspired by the region portrayed. For example, at the Asian Passage you have the Hua Mei Café which offers Asian inspired food like a Pineapple Teriyaki chicken sandwich.  What do I eat when I go to the zoo? In the morning, near the entrance, I hit the Java hut and get fresh doughnuts. I then go to the exit and in the kid’s store is the toll house stand and get my coffee. I bring my own water and snacks, but if I do buy snacks, I stop at the Rocks box in Africa Rocks and get walking nachos (Doritos or Fritos with Nacho Cheese). I get Lunch on the way out. Depending on my mood I will either hit the sweet shack and get a Doughnut burger or Thai Chili Wings or Busy Bee Café and get Italian Truffle Wings or a Caesar Salad. This is also one of the places I get local honey.

Feel like an adult beverage while you enjoy the Zoo? They have you covered. On the weekends there are Cocktail carts with specialty cocktails for the area. My favorite is found by the Busy Bee Café and is the Bees Knees. It may be the local honey that makes it so delightful. On Front Street, you can stop in San Diego craft beers and margaritas and enjoy a seat in the shade.

The best prices for tickets will be found online at  Tickets | San Diego Zoo. You can use our business center to print your tickets or download the zoo app. 

Glorietta Bay Inn is only a 15-minute drive away from the zoo. Call us or visit us online to start planning your San Diego Vacation. 


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